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released October 12, 2010

Recorded by Jay Maas @ Getaway Group Studios, MA
Mastered by Jason Livermore @ Blasting Room Studios


all rights reserved



After The Fall Albany, New York

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Track Name: Soldiers
It's not your fault. I know what your thinking, is this really happening, how can it be, how could this shit happen to me? Well here it is, something we could never expect. Here it comes, sit and wait patiently. Since the day that we were born we all always have been forced to believe what we were told, what they were taught before us. Their history books and newspapers exists as means for them to brainwash, and impose ignorance. Until the day that we die, we will be part of this lie that is all we've ever known, we'll know the reasons why.They told you that things would improve, and that you have the right to choose how your going to live your life, it's up to you to win or lose. Like soldiers we march in line, like each cattle goes to it's slaughter. Like soldiers we do as we're told, as will our sons and our daughters.
Track Name: Ruins
This is the land of the free where we celebrate one god and country. They will never work for us in accord they'll always work against us. This is the land of the free where the homeless die, cold and hungry. They will never truly help us progress, protect or defend us. Beat down to our knees, broken bones and blind eyes begging them please, don't force feed us these lies. This is the land of the free where children are beaten, and women are raped. They will never hear our cries for help, they'll never make this change. This is the land of the free where prisoners will never escape. They'll never see the outside world again, that is the price that they pay. Beat down to our knees, broken bones and blind eyes begging them please, don't force feed us these lies, kissing their feet, asking for forgivness. We are all sheep, all serving their interest. Silenced and deafened, unaware of the sounds of murder and rape, and abuse all around. Blinded and tortured until they say. Slaughtered and killed unless we obey. We never thought that we would see the day. We never thought that things would end this way.
Track Name: Irrational Behavior
Irrational Behavior
I hear about it almost everyday, another horrible story has made front page news or cnn, an adult have hurt a child again. No matter how much we have learned, or how we've progressed nothing can justify the cruel acts upon our children, murder, abuse, molestation. You disgust me. I know that an eye for an eye will leave us both blind. It's hard to justify killing but you make me think twice. How could you bring yourself to hurt a child? Do you deserve another chance or a fair trial? If it were up to me, or if you hurt my family, do you want to know what I would do?
Track Name: Stagnation
I’m so fucking sick and tired of being tired and sick. Things just seem to get worse and worse the older you get. It's hard to be happy when everyone's so fucking upset. It's hard to get ahead when your falling further into debt. I'm only twenty four, I always imagined something more, I never thought that things would be this hard. It's hard to give it my best shot when selfish acts get you to the top. I never thought that green paper would be able to control my life. Who really knows what to do? I know i'm just as scared as you. You are not the only one who feels like giving up. Were all hoping for better days. Were all hoping that things will change. We're all fucked up in our own ways. Stagnation is here to stay.
Track Name: Eradication
This is not your business, or your new market bought and sold. This sounds like nothing new, and this generic shit is getting old. You’re cashing in on what we have known all along, to trendy kids who will buy your merch, point fingers, and sing along. I say fuck your hype and fuck your stupid trends, we've been here all along and we'll be here in the end. When the smoke clears and your onto bigger things you'll be forgotten, or old news to say the least. You’re the new flavor of the month, a fashion / trend setter. You’ve got mosh parts and sing alongs, can't you do any better? Since when did we need managers or agent's to make our bids? When all you need is to do it yourself and put heart into it!
Track Name: Throgs Neck
Throgs Neck
I left my house late and did not look back. Three hours straight down to the throgs neck. Cause I don't want to feel alone and this place doesn't feel like home to me anymore. I'm coming down again. I like these long drives and late nights. Let's me know i'm still alive. The one thing that feels right. Life's to fucking short. I have work tomorrow morning, but that really doesn't matter anymore maybe I'll get fired after calling in but I could give a shit. I just want to be happy. Three hours later it all makes sense, everything falls into it's place. I have to wake you up. I can't wait to see the look on your face when you come to the door to let me in, that's when I know everything will be ok.
Track Name: Lifer
The difference between us is one that's not that hard to understand. It's not the way we live, but what I called my hobby was your errand. Things got in the way of you making money or getting fucked up I like to party hard to but it never meant more to me than punk. Look back and laugh at all the times we spent. Have no regrets and don't ever forget all that we have done and what it all meant, it once made you happy but did not pay the rent. You've been robbed and cheated, by junkies and thieves now back to the start when things fall apart, this routine that you repeat I know that I suck for losing jobs from doing this band but music means much more to me than the paycheck in your hand.
Track Name: Authoritarian
Ok old man here you go, you have thirty minutes to convey all the things you want us to know, all the things you got to say and the people you need to call out, and how it was "back in the day". We all know you've been around the block, but does it get better with age? People come and go, it's never gonna change. So let us have our fun, let things happen as they will always. I'll still watch your band, and I'll still hear you talk your shit you know I've always been a fan of this thirty minutes whether or not its on the record, or just live on stage one day you'll swallow your words and regret decisions made. Shows and records aren't getting any better when you've already seen and heard the best. So let us have our fun, let things happen as they will always, and give your shitty attitude a rest
Track Name: Coward
You're the one who fucked up, and now you take it out on them. Doing drugs and getting drunk, beating your wife and your children. Keep it up. What gives you the right to put them in their place. They don't deserve this abuse, your the fucking disgrace, you coward. keep it up, the day will come when you get what you deserve.
Track Name: Cents less
Cents Less
Remember when you shouted at me over the phone as if I was your kid. Remember when you said "you have no fucking clue about this business"? Well sorry to say it but I proved you wrong, where were your interests? I knew what was right for us all along, that's where we're different. What have you done? What impact have you really had? You said "do you think people really care about your records or your band". Maybe one or two or a few here and there. Well i'm glad we parted ways. It worked out for the best for us and the friends we've made. I knew all along.
Track Name: You Don't Talk No Shit*
this is an I-SPY cover, for their discography check out G7 Welcoming Committee
Track Name: Power Trip
Power Trip
They gave you a gun, now you wear a badge, now it's your turn to get them back for what they did. For all the kids who fucked with you in high school those memories are back to remind you of who's in charge now, you'll have the last laugh. Your gonna make all of them pay, you will have revenge one day. Your just another cop on a fucking power trip.
Track Name: Autonomy
Not afraid to make a difference. Not standing on each side of the fence. Not afraid to speak out against what holds us down, to stand up and fight back, don't fear consequence. We are all on this sinking ship. We are all feeding this fire. Held under water until we drown. Burn what they built to the fucking ground. It's about time that we begin to let them know that we can resist. Never give up and never give in. Don't let them control the life you live. Take it back.
Track Name: New Scotland
New Scotland
Remember those nights we spent in these small towns? It's hard for me to forget or wrap my head around. Remember those nights we spent screaming at the top of our lungs? Let's get that fucking feeling back tonight were here just to have fun. Growing up not wasting time just having fun living our lives. Not one worry, or care in the world. Making the best of this small city making new friends, music, memories. These are the days we wont ever forget. New Scotland off of Madison Ave. Remember each time we saw Rockets and Bluelights? Singing "henchmen" having the best times? Remember when we said "let's just go and got in the van"? And drove across country for the first time with our shitty band?

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