by After The Fall

Unkind 03:30
Hey there my old friend I won’t ask you how you've been, cause I know that you've had it worse than I could ever imagine. But I know what it's like to hear those words, "I don't love you anymore." And I know how it feels to hurt more than you have ever hurt before. Now that it's all sinking in, you've thought about it again and again, what you could have done, or who you could have been. And it won’t make a difference when, that will always be then, and this will always be now, so just count your loss and somehow find a way to move on. Drink away the pain cause you’re not feeling sane on your own two feet, eight hour work days spent wasting away. You have to face the facts that she's never coming back, and she’s moving on while you dwell on your present tense and past. Don't blame yourself for what's been done, just move forward, and keep pushing on. Be honest to yourself, teach your son to do the same and things will work out. I know that life's unkind, and your heart's still breaking. I know it's been hell, but if I'm not mistaken you still have your son, to learn from his dad, and you can't let yourself lose sight of that.
Tilburg 02:23
Post traumatic stress has gotten the best of me after we dug your grave, and laid you to rest. I got that feeling in my chest, and I can't comprehend the pain inside my head, and a broken heart that will never mend, after saying goodbye to my best friend. I couldn't sit back and watch you die, I couldn't stand to know you were in pain, I wasn't prepared for this yet but I know that I'll never forget, each day we spent, and how much they meant. You left a mark and made a dent in my heart and in my head. How could we forget? This house seems so quiet now, sometimes I still can hear you breathing, or sense you laying next to me, and I know you'll always be on my mind
Disunion 02:14
I can't relate to your past or your present, but there is no excuse or an exemption for being so fucking selfish. For the lies and broken promises, that broke our hearts and our minds, left shattered after thirty years of family ties. I always looked up to you, and came to you for guidance. And now I can't help but look down on you in defiance of being wrong and not feeling right. I'll always judge and hold a grudge but still try to love and re-gain what was, disunion and distrust brought disgrace and disgust. Is this all that you've left for us? Disunion and distrust, brought disgrace and disgust. I just want to be a better person than you.
Wrong 02:37
We’re all wrong. And it won’t take too long, until we’re stuck in the middle of dead end streets, broken down and beaten up. We can’t clean up this mess. We can’t save ourselves, when our selfish acts will always prevent us from moving forward or getting ahead. While you were keeping score, I was looking for a way out. Another time, another place where we’d have what we want. But it seems we’ve gone too far and our race has been run. Out of time and it’s too late to undo what’s been done. I hope you had your fun.
Controlled 00:25
You are just a test, an experiment, a statistic or percentage, a number without a name. A lab rat with what to gain? Like livestock are sent to slaughter, or soldiers sent off to war, you will always be controlled
Living an artificial life of pre-fabricated fashions and a medicated mind. Swallow pills that cloud your brain, but it won’t correct your mistakes. You say you got to get away, but problems follow you for all your days. Wherever you go, it will stay the same, until the day that you change your shallow thoughts and selfish ways. Bad karma always catches up to you, just when you least expect it to. There's so much more to life than fame and fortune or clothing and tattoos. Lie to yourself, and to everyone else, it's what you know the best. Spoiled rotten your whole life and now there's nothing good or honest left. Because you're attention dependent, and you’re a bad person, you think it's bad now, it gets worse, when you’re at your wits end maybe then you'll regret hurtful things that you did and mean shit that you said. It all comes back to us in the end.
Lately my life's been feeling kind of boring, and I've been feeling kind of lame. When trying to move forward, all things just stay the same. Lack of motivation, sleeping my days away. Lack of inspiration when trying to create. Why can't I create? Boring nights and nine to five’s are hurting my heart and my brain. I need to get out of this frame of mind I need to fucking escape this routine and these shallow people, they're killing me. I can’t pick up my guitar, and I cannot pick up a pen. The best ideas will come and go. How do I always forget? I need to feel that connection, I need that song in my ear. I need that spark to ignite, I need to hear it loud and clear. Where is the rhyme, and where is the melody? I can't find the words to sing.
Five years of back and forth and long distance in between. I'm sorry things didn't turn out to be what you were expecting. I can't stop the hands of time or compete with biology. But we gave it our best try, and that didn't work out this time. I know we’re not getting younger, and I've tried to let you go. I know things weren’t getting better and you tried to let me know…that I am who I am, and will always be one to continue to do what I like and like what I do.
My stomach is rotting from the inside. My head hurts and my heart aches. Having trouble breathing, and falling asleep when I don't want to be awake. I'd just rather stay asleep than be alone today. I'd rather fuck or argue than be alone today. Lock myself inside until it goes away. I'm trying to see things differently, and ignore my paranoia and my anxiety. I'm trying to see things differently. But if home is where the heart is, than I suppose I lost my home a long, long time ago.
Screwers 01:24
Money and success, your key to happiness. Forget about your friends along the way, don't need 'em anymore anyway. What happened to you my friend, I know it hasn't been too long since we sang the same song how easy you forget that honesty, friendship, and family is more important than being wealthy or getting ahead. Success has clouded your better judgement. I know it's lame to sit and complain, but I never expected to be put here in this place. What happened to you my friend?
Cathedral 00:33
You pressed record, and you said "GO" and we did what we could on your watch, we didn't know how bad you ripped us off. We were just kids. But you made a few bucks and took advantage of our situation, and our wallets. Fifty bucks an hour, for every note sung sour. For each mistake we made you looked the other way, as long as you still got paid
Decade 02:46
I still remember our first show, and I still can’t believe that it was over ten years ago. Looking at old flyers and photographs, reflecting on all the time that's passed. Start to forget each name and face, every show and every place. I’m growing tired, and growing old. It pays off one day I've been told. And I'll never forget, a decade that came and went, making noise with my best friends, I'd do it all over again. But I have been broke for so long, going from job to job and living week to week. Ignoring my health and bank account being empty. I’m not feeling worthless and not feeling weak. And I wouldn't trade that for anything, a choice I made when I was eighteen years old to set out on the open road. My ears are ringing more and more each day, attention span is fading away. We had some good shows, and a ton of bad, some of the best times we ever had. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything.


4th Full Length album from Albany NY's After The Fall
Still available through Paper N' Plastick Records


released March 19, 2013


all rights reserved



After The Fall Albany, New York

Albany, NY est. 2000

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